# Exploit Title: Sql Injection on one site credentials can be use on other sites  
- Google Dork:" Designed and Developed by e-Biz Technocrats Pvt.Ltd "  
- Date: 05/11/2023  
- Exploit Author: K1LL3rB4LL  
- Tested on: Mac, Windows, Linux  
The vulnerability found is an SQL injection. You may run the site thru automated sql injection or manually doing sql injection once the credentials gathered you do your reverse ip to check your other website.  
Vuln colum count: 5  
Vuln colum : 3,4  
Type of Sql : WAF  
Username: admin  
Password: 123456  
admin panel:  
Details: After gathering information from sql injection from site a site (site A) you may use the said credentials to access other websites on the same ip or with the same developer if you managed to get an access and upload a php script or backdoor. You may access other sites on their public_html or that is connected on their website which share the same server and if your going to look at the sites they share the same common developer. In some sites that don't have the same credentials you still do the same sql injection with the same colum count, vuln colum number and database where they store the admin credentials.