SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory < 20230925-0 >  
title: Stored Cross-Site Scripting  
product: mb Support broker management solution openVIVA c2  
vulnerable version: <20220801  
fixed version: =>20220801  
CVE number: CVE-2022-39172  
impact: Medium  
found: 2022-03-16  
by: Daniel Hirschberger (Office Bochum)  
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Vendor description:  
"Support small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporate customers  
with just one software. Sales , inventory management , billing , e-mail and  
much more - with openVIVA c2 you get everything in one application. Without  
system disruption and in one database, you can do all the work of an insurance  
broker with one piece of software.  
Connect brokers, intermediaries, insurers and customers directly with our  
self-service portals . Strengthen your customer relationships and work more  
efficiently yourself.  
mb Support offers portals for intermediaries as well as industrial and  
commercial customers and tailor-made portal solutions for insurers, brokers and  
private customers."  
Business recommendation:  
The vendor provides an updated version to their customers.  
An in-depth security analysis performed by security professionals is  
highly advised, as the software may be affected from other security issues.  
Vulnerability overview/description:  
1) Stored Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2022-39172)  
An authenticated attacker with privileges of the role 'user' can create a new  
'Vorgang' (Process). The field 'Name' is not sanitized and enables an attacker  
to perform a stored XSS attack. Additionally, the field 'Hauptverantwortlicher'  
(persons mainly responsible) can be used to assign this 'Vorgang' to another user  
who will receive it in his overview list. This results in a targeted stored  
XSS attack.  
Proof of concept:  
1) Stored Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2022-39172)  
The application is developed on top of Oracle Apex  
( which provides several security features to  
developers. Two of those are request replay protection and parameter  
checksumming which make it hard to develop a PoC which only consists of  
requests and responses. Therefore this PoC will be a textual description of the  
required steps and supplemented with pictures. Additionally the library  
'AlertifyJS' is used, which changes the appearance of alert popups which  
can be confusing if you are used to the standard alert popups.  
To execute the attack the following steps have to be performed:  
1. Log in to openVIVA c2  
2. Go to 'mein openVIVA' (my openVIVA)  
3. Click on 'Vorgangszuordnung' (Process Assignment)  
4. Click on 'Neuen Vorgang starten' (Start new Process)  
5. In the new form enter the XSS payload into the 'Name' field, for example  
6. Choose your victim as 'Hauptverantwortlicher' (persons mainly responsible)  
7. Click on the three dots  
8. Click on 'Speichern' (save)  
The victim now has a new 'Vorgang' in his inbox. If the 'Vorgänge' menu is clicked,  
the victim is redirected to the list of assigned 'Vorgänge'. Because our payload  
is in the name field it is executed as soon as the list of processes is loaded.  
Vulnerable / tested versions:  
The following version has been tested and found to be vulnerable:  
* openVIVA c2 20220101  
Vendor contact timeline:  
2022-03-30: Contacting vendor through email followed by a telephone call,  
sent the advisory  
2022-04-20: Asking for status update  
2022-04-22: Patch release is planned for August  
2022-07-26: Statuscall: Patch exists, advisory release delayed until  
rollout to all customers is complete (~ August 2023(!))  
2023-09-18: Asking for a status update and patch download information.  
Vendor response: no public link available; few customers  
still have no patch.  
2023-09-25: Release of security advisory  
Upgrade to version 2022-08-01 or later. The vendor has no public  
download link available as all customers will be patched according  
to their maintenance contract.  
Advisory URL:  
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EOF Daniel Hirschberger / @2023