CVE ID: CVE-2024-22901  
Title: Default MYSQL Credentials Vulnerability in Vinchin Backup & Recovery v7.2  
A critical security issue, identified as CVE-2024-22901, has been discovered in Vinchin Backup & Recovery version 7.2. The software has been found to use default MYSQL credentials, which could lead to significant security risks.  
Additional Information:  
Vinchin has not addressed previous disclosures, including CVE-2022-35866, and has not patched the reported vulnerabilities. The presence of these unresolved issues, now compounded by the newly discovered vulnerability of default MYSQL credentials, opens up potential avenues for easy unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE). This lack of response is alarming for a product that is certified in cybersecurity and poses a considerable risk to its users.  
Vulnerability Type:  
Incorrect Access Control  
Vendor of Product:  
Affected Product Code Base:  
Vinchin Backup & Recovery - Version 7.2  
Affected Component:  
The MySQL database used by Vinchin Backup & Recovery  
Attack Type:  
Impact - Escalation of Privileges:  
Attack Vectors:  
The vulnerability can be exploited via local or remote access, utilizing the unpatched default MySQL credentials.  
Valentin Lobstein  
The discovery of CVE-2024-22901 highlights a critical oversight in Vinchin Backup & Recovery's security posture. Users are advised to be cautious and to monitor for any updates or patches from Vinchin, which should be applied immediately to mitigate this risk.  
Signed,Valentin Lobstein