Searching the web for `javascript fork malloc bomb` returns results,  
e.g. [here][1]: and [here][2]:  
We got a javascript fork malloc bomb which crashed Chrome 121 on linux  
with SIGILL and about one in five runs the virtual machine freezes.  
SIGILL almost always is a sign of memory corruption :)  
On android it crashes the current tab without explanation.  
Firefox 121 on linux also crashes the current tab.  
In all cases except the sporadic freezes, the browser remains functioning,  
not counting the crashed tab.  
The javscript code is simply simple:  
`setInterval("document.body.innerHTML += document.body.innerHTML ",1);`  
[Online demo][3]: In case someone wants to test it on other browsers  
or debug.  
The GNU/linux tests took about 1.5 minutes in a virtual machine with  
4GB RAM and single core.