*Vulnerability Name - *Application is Vulnerable to Session Fixation  
*Vulnerable URL: *  
*Overview of the Vulnerability*  
Session fixation is a security vulnerability that occurs when an attacker  
sets or fixes a user's session identifier, manipulating the authentication  
process. Typically exploited in web applications, this vulnerability allows  
the attacker to force a user's session ID to a known value, granting  
unauthorized access. Attackers can initiate the attack by tricking users  
into using a provided session ID or by planting a session ID through  
various means.  
*Steps to Reproduce*  
Step 1: To reproduce this vulnerability open two browsers. Copy "PHPSESSID"  
cookie from Browser 1 and paste it to Browser 2.  
Step 2: Login in Browser 1 using valid credentials.  
Step 3: Navigate to Browser 2 and refresh the page or open this URL (  
Step 4: Successfully logged in Browser 2 without entering the credentials.  
*Impact of Vulnerability:*  
Anyone can easily hijack victims or user's sessions and get into his account  
. Cookie stealing is the best way the hacker can get into account.. it  
would not take more than 5 min to steal someone's cookie using PHP and all  
Even friends can fool the victim and get him hacked...  
*Mitigation:*Manage sessions properly. This problem is mainly faced because  
the session doesn't get expired or doesn't get closed when logout is  
pressed. Each time the user logins the cookie must hold a unique different  
session-id to proceed.  
*FusionPBX Development Team Implemented Fix GitHub Commit Links:*